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We design customized solutions adapted to the new energy sector law in Spain. From small self-consumption solar installations to large photovoltaic installations with discharge of surpluses to the grid.

What we offer you

We design and install the self-consumption installation that best suits your needs. Whether it is an installation of solar panels for your home or an installation on the roof of an industry, we have the most competitive prices on the market in photovoltaic installations. Ask for your photovoltaic solar energy study and discover how much you can save by generating your own energy from an inexhaustible source such as the sun.

  • Design of photovoltaic installations of all types. Isolated consumption, direct self-consumption with or without surplus, large self-consumption and generation facilities.
  • Cutting-edge technology thanks to our international partners.
  • We manage the legalization of self-consumption facilities with municipalities and industry.
  • Unbeatable prices.

Ask for a personalized photovoltaic study.